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Order Butterfly T24 Nippon Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Butterfly T24 Nippon Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Butterfly T24 Nippon Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Product Description

Butterfly's Nippon Rollaway table tennis table features an undercarriage fold and roll system with wheels for easy moving and storage. A scratch-proof top with PVC edging and a strong metal rim provide you with long-lasting durability. 4 Player Accessory Kit included. Accessory Kit includes Accessory Holder, 4 Hard Rubber Table Tennis Racquets, and 6 Table Tennis Balls. Product Description

The Butterfly T24 Nippon Rollaway Table Tennis Table is a top-quality, fold-and-roll table that's suitable for high level tournament play. It's ideal for in-home play as well as for clubs, schools, and recreation centers wanting a table built to last. Consistent bounce provided by a strong 22mm (7/8-inch) top, which is protected by a PVC edge and strong metal rim. The undercarriage has an easy fold-and-roll system incorporating large, sturdy wheels (5-inch ball bearing casters) for easy movement. It also features 2-inch square wooden legs for added support. It includes a net and post set. It folds up to 70 inches high, 30 inches wide.

About Butterfly

Hikosuke Tamasu founded Tamasu Co., Ltd. in the small town of Yanai City, Japan in 1950. This was the beginning of a company career which is almost unique in table tennis. A renowned international for Japan, Tamasu fulfilled his dream of a lifetime when he made his hobby his profession. At that time, he could hardly imagine that he would make Butterfly the leading brand worldwide. Creativity, durability, and a profound technical knowledge meant success. 0ver and over again he looked for new possibilities in order to optimize techniques by innovative playing material. Tamasu realized that each player is different and has strengths and weaknesses. By offering individual playing material Tamasu wanted to help players right from the beginning to emphasize their individuality. Since 1983 Butterfly has its own training and research center in Tokyo. Highly qualified scientists co-operate with world class players and coaches for the development of rubber and blade technology. Butterfly's rubbers and blades are used by more than half of the participants at World and European Championships.

  • Tournament-level, fold-and-roll table tennis table
  • Strong 22mm (7/8-inch) top with PVC edge and metal rim
  • Folds up to 70 inches high, 30 inches wide
  • Easy fold-and-roll system with 5-inch ball bearing casters
  • Backed by a three-year warranty


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