Sunday, February 12, 2012

BuyNow Waekon (WAEBEQ04) Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

Waekon (WAEBEQ04) Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

Product Description

  • Perform pressure testing on: brake or clutch master cylinders, wheel cylinders and calipers, slave calipers, ABS accumulators
  • Eliminate unnecessary parts replacement and comebacks
  • There is complete adapter coverage for virtually any passenger and light duty vehicle on the market.

Diagnose: Pulling left or right, Imploded/collapsed lines, Soft/hard pedal, Excessive pedal travel, Faulty proportioning front/rear, Slave cylinder engage/disengage. BEQ-20, BEQ-21, or BEQ-22AS adapters may be required to perform ABS accumulator testing on early model year vehicles. Adapters sold separately. Kit contents: two 0-3000 PSI gauges with Tell-tale needle, 26 adapters for wheel/caliper and slave cylinder bleeder valves, 13 master cylinder adapters, and case.

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