Thursday, February 9, 2012


Product Description

Alpinestars designed the exterior of the brace out of polyurethane while the interior features a poly fabric lining with open cell foam to absorb shock to the ankle and heal. The ultra thin and flexible forefoot allows for control feedback to easily flow through the Tech 10 boots. The ultra low profile design of the outer shell of the Tech 10 boots allows for additional control. The slim design of the Tech 10 boots also shaves weight off and increases flexibility. Alpinestars developed a rear polyurethane spine that helps keep the Tech 10 boots from hyperextension. The full-grain leather upper of the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots break in quickly. This feature paired with the impact and abrasion resistant polyurethane provide a high level of safety. The Tech 10 boots have polyurethane protection on the toes, foot, heel, ankle, calf and shin with extra hard compounds on the toe-box, heel and Achilles tendon. The sole construction of the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots offer a dual compound design that offers a sure foot grip where its needed and a rigid platform for extra protection. The advanced closure system on the Tech 10 include 3 techno-polymer and aluminum buckles that have memory positioning and quick release/locking system that self-align. The self-aligning buckles make it simple and easy to operate. Alpinestars uses a combination of full-grain leather and polyurethane panels to provide maximum grip while offering heat and abrasion resistance. The opening of the Tech 10 boots are lined with a polyurethane gasket to keep the water out. Alpinestars offers their airflow ventilation system on the white model of the Tech 10 boots.

  • Alpinestars built the Tech 10 boots leaving nothing behind in arguably the most technologically advanced boot on the market.
  • The Tech 10 boots have been designed to offer the highest level of safety without compromising comfort.
  • Alpinestars was able to accomplish this with their revolutionary dual hinged inner brace.
  • By placing a dual hinge point on the inner brace of the Tech 10 boots, Alpinestars brings the support closer to your ankle with optimum protection.
  • Getting all this protection doesn't sacrifice the free flow motion thanks to years of development.

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