Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buy Now Nord Electro 3 HP, 73-Key Hammer Action Portable Digital Piano (AMS-NE373 HP)

Nord Electro 3 HP, 73-Key Hammer Action Portable Digital Piano (AMS-NE373 HP)

Product Description

With the introduction of the Nord Electro 3, the legacy of the original Electro and the knowhow that have shaped some of the other Nord models have been combined. The Electro 3 features a new organ section, a new piano section, new effects and a new exciting feature that allows the Electro 3 to use any samples from the Nord Sample library. This is the performance keyboard that sets a new standard based on its impressive sound quality. The Electro 3 HP has all the features of the original Electro 3 but sports a new 73-key Hammer Action Portable keybed, with a classic E-E range and 4 selectable Dynamic Response Curves. Amazingly, the Electro 3 HP only weighs 11 kg, making it the most ultra light weight professional Hammer Action keyboard on the market. How do you improve on a classic performance keyboard like the original Electro. You could take it gently, or you just do what we did with the Electro 3, push it as far as you can, and then a bit further. The demands from a performing keyboard player haven't really changed all that much, good quality never goes out of style. We just want to offer you some of the best stuff we have, in a affordable and easy-to-use instrument. We hope that you will have as much fun owning and using the Electro 3, as we have had developing it. The Nord Electro 3 is compatible with the new Nord Piano library. It takes full advantage of the Library's multitude of velocity layers, pedal-down samples and extremely high quality samples providing you with an unprecedented expressiveness. Any current or future piano that is available for the Stage family will also automatically be available to the Nord Electro 3.

  • Classic 73 key 3-e range hammer piano keybed
  • Nord's acclaimed string resonance system
  • 4 Selectable keyboard curves
  • New flexible delay DSP
  • Long Release mode adds longer release to Piano sounds


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