Monday, March 12, 2012

OrderNow Booster Bath New Booster Bath Kit for Dogs, Mini

Booster Bath New Booster Bath Kit for Dogs, Mini

Product Description

Dog owners experience the most effective, lightweight, portable and affordable dog bath that thousands have fallen in love with, the booster bath. Finally, no more dogs in the shower or bath tub. No more chasing dogs with a hose through the back yard. Now bath time is fun and easy. For single or multiple dogs. With booster bath bathing your dog will take one-fourth the time and you will feel one tenth of the hassle. Place your order now for the booster bath and see for yourself just how great this product really is. We know you and your pet will love and enjoy the booster bath for years as it is built to last a lifetime. Remember that proper pet grooming is an important part of your dog's health and should not be ignored. Observing and maintaining your dog's hygiene will ensure he or she receives more love, hugs and attention. So improve and maintain your dog's hygiene with america's greatest home dog bathing system, the booster bath. Includes, tub, quick-snap legs, all hardware to assemble (screws, rubber bumpers, mat clips, leash washers, five-star knobs), 5-feet drain line, 3-point leash restraint and collar, fan nozzle with hook and on/off volume control, no-slip mat, shampoo caddy.

  • Designed for breed sizes: cocker spaniel , pomeranian , scottish terrier , jack russell , papillion , welsh corgi , miniature schnauzer french bulldog , beagle weight capacity: 75-pound
  • Booster bath and legs are1/4-inch thick and are produced from 100-percent virgin uv stabilized poly propylene for long life and durability
  • Limited 5-year warrantee


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