Friday, March 2, 2012

Buy Today Flexipan Charlotte 2.03 Oz, 62mm Dia x 35mm Deep (2-7/16 Dia x 1-3/8 Deep), 24 Cavities

Flexipan Charlotte 2.03 Oz, 62mm Dia x 35mm Deep (2-7/16 Dia x 1-3/8 Deep), 24 Cavities

Product Description

Flexipan 1079 fits in full-size (18 x 26) sheet pan. Flexipans have changed the way that pastry chefs work. These flexible bakeware do not have to be greased and will still unmold without breakage. The non-stick quality also saves time and money. Because these flexible bakeware can be used at freezing temperatures, even frozen items such as ice cream, mousses, and aspics can be molded into any shape and be unmolded with ease. Flexipans are made with a combination of fiberglass and silicone. This allows the molds to be flexible, and gives them their non stick quality. The combination also gives the molds a longer life, making it possible to use them two or three thousand times before the first signs of sticking. The ease of cleaning also makes these flexible bakeware such a desirable tool. Our products conform to US regulations on food grade silicone, and are FDA, NSF, and Kosher certified. FLEXIPAN can be used within the same heat ranges as ordinary metal baking trays or pans (-40F To 536F) Freeze, bake or microwave in the same mold A must have for every professional chef Flexipan Care Instructions Handling Flexipan can be used from - 40 to 280C (-40 to 536F). Work with the Flexipan on a tray or any baking sheet. Check to ensure the Flexipan is dry and clean before placing any dough or batter in it. It can be used in all types of ovens and does not need to be greased the Flexipan is anti adherent by nature. De-panning Baked items: Remove the pieces one by one or by gently lifting the Flexipan to allow them to roll off the tray. Frozen items: Peel the item out of the molds. Frozen items must be depanned two to three minutes at the latest after comming out of the freezer. Cakes: For cake molds, turn the mold upside down. Large cakes, especially sponge cakes, should be allowed to cool before attempting to unmold. Maintenance and Care Wipe the Flexipan with a damp sponge after each use to remove crumbs or particles. If washing is required, lay the Flexible


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