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Order Today Lodge Signature 7-Quart Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven with Stainless-Steel Handles

Lodge Signature 7-Quart Seasoned Cast-Iron Dutch Oven with Stainless-Steel Handles

Product Description

7 Qt seasoned Dutch Oven is ready to use cast iron with stainless steel handles. Includes snug fitting cast iron lid with high polished stainless steel knob. Many great American chefs put Lodge Cast Iron on the list of the ten most essential tools in their kitchen. Simply put, Lodge Cast Iron cooks best. Better than even the most expensive stainless or aluminum cookware as nothing can rival the even heating, heat retentiaon, versatility, value and durability of Lodge Cast Iron. For more than 100 years, Lodge has been perfecting the process of making cast iron cookware. We formulated just the right metal chemistry, created exacting mold tolerances for our castings, and developed the perfect wall construction for the best even heating found in cookware. The Signature Series takes cast iron cookware to the next level with it's gorgeous high polished stainless steel handles. Casted in the USA. 7 qt capacity, 12" diameter and 4" deep Review

The American-based company Lodge has been fine-tuning its construction of rugged, cast-iron cookware for more than a century. No other metal is as long-lasting and works as well for spreading and retaining heat evenly during cooking. Now Lodge has added a new component: stainless steel. Handsome and contemporary, the award-winning Signature Series gleams with marine grade 304 stainless-steel handles that are riveted to the cast-iron body for strength. Specially designed silicone gaskets around the rivets prevent water entrapment, so rust won't become an issue. Each Signature Series pan comes foundry seasoned and ready to use right out of the box.

This 7-quart Signature Series Dutch oven makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The pot's two gleaming stainless-steel loop-style handles add a real touch of class to the black cast iron, as does the ergonomic stainless-steel knob on the tight-fitting lid. But it's not all about looks-the 12-by-4-inch cast-iron pot slowly simmers soups and stews on the stovetop and bakes pasta casseroles and chicken-and-dumplings in the oven. Both the base and lid are oven-safe, so a dish can be started on the stovetop and finished in the oven. The pre-seasoned finish helps prevent food from sticking and rust from developing. To take care of the cast-iron finish, simply scrub the Dutch oven by hand after use with a stiff brush (never steel wool) under hot water, and dry immediately. If the handles discolor from oven-use or over-heating, they may be cleaned with stainless-steel cleaner. Cast in the USA, the oven matches other pieces in the Signature Series and is covered with a lifetime warranty. --Ann Bieri

  • Lodge Signature Series pre-seasoned cast-iron 7-quart Dutch oven
  • Riveted, cool-touch stainless-steel handles carry from stovetop to oven
  • Tight-fitting cast-iron lid with stainless-steel knob; oven-safe
  • Combines the beauty of stainless with the rugged durability of cast iron
  • Measures 12 by 4 inches; wash by hand; cast in the USA; lifetime warranty


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